VW Passat Business Sedan CHAUFFEUR SERVICE

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The Popular VW Passat Business Sedan

The Passat combines the driving dynamics and interior quality that VW fans expect with the roominess, comfort and value. The new version is significantly larger than previous models with extra space, particularly in the back seat, for even a very tall westerner. It has a tight build and smooth ride. Underpinning everything in the Passat is a feel of solidity -- that "Germanness" that other automakers try so hard to imitate, the Passat feels more like an affordable version of a higher-end car.

VW Passat Business Sedan Rates

Airport Transfer
Hourly Hire
$20.00 / Hour
Full Day (8 Hours)

All prices are in US Dollars. Prices include car and driver.

Transfer prices are all-inclusive, including taxes, gratuity, fuel, tolls and parking.

Free waiting time for airport transfer is 60 minutes (45 min. for domestic flight). For all non-airport pickup transfers, free waiting time is 15 minutes. Extra hour rate will apply for any extra waiting time.

Half day and full day hire prices are inclusive of taxes, fuel and gratuity. Tolls and parking fees will be charged at cost.

Half day prices are based on 4 hours and maximum travel distance of 50km (31mi). Full day prices are based on 8 hours and maximum travel distance of 100km (62mi). A surcharge will apply for any extra hours and kms.

Prices are for service within the city downtown area. A surcharge will apply for traveling out of downtown.

A surcharge may apply for service between 00:00 to 07:00.