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About Us

Chengdu Car Service is a professional service designed to provide you with efficient and safe transportation while visiting the Chengdu Area. While most of our clients are business travelers, we also provide service for tourist excursions. Why not take the opportunity to see this famous city and its sights. One day and half day tours are available of many of famous historic and cultural sites including: Tianfu Square, the Chengdu Zoo, the world famous Chengdu Panda Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, and Luodai Ancient Town and Jinlong Little Great Wall.

We primarily service the business travel market which has high expectations of service and quality. We provide English speaking drivers and guides to ensure the smooth delivery to your hotel or business destination. We work for many large US and European, limousine companies and travel service partners. While there are taxis available in Chengdu, the cars are often small and dirty. Drivers tend to have erratic driving styles, little regard for personal safety and don't speak any English. Additionally, many common business destinations are outside of the downtown region and are unfamiliar to city taxis drivers.

Working with Chengdu Car Service also gives you greater flexibility. You have control over where you go and when you travel. So don’t just sit in your hotel room waiting for your customer or supplier to chauffeur you around to just the places he wants you to see! Check out all of the options in the comfort provided by Chengdu Car Service.

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